Where applicable, dates and durations will be determined by an agreement.


Total School Establishment Full consulting from start to completion of the school project. Spans between 4 – 5 months. May commence during secondary structural work, and is designed to cover the entire spectrum of establishment – preparation, building advice, branding (colours, slogan, uniform, policy statements, etc.), recruitment and pre-resumption marketing.
Full Needs Assessment Investigation and preparation of a detailed documented report of ALL observations, needs, problems, etc. across tiers of the school, with practical step-by-step research-based recommendations, and useful resources. Recommendations can then be implemented independently by the school’s management.
Training Seminars One full-day session of strategic training to tackle discovered needs,


Two full-day sessions.

Internship Temporary employment of member(s) of your management team, faculty or administrative staff to work with any of our pilot schools for a minimum of one term, gaining necessary experience.
Recruitment One of our strong points. This entails assisting to hire qualified staff for any position (according to your budget), to work with your school and help transform your system.
Retainership and Quality Control Up to 6 (six) strategic and targeted professional development sessions for the leadership and staff throughout the school year, with attendant monthly Quality Control checks and professionally documented reporting.


We also offer a wider range of even more tailored services, which would best fit your school or institution. Whether you choose to request a visit from us for a full Needs Assessment, or you think any of the above is just perfect for your school or institution/organisation, simply Book a Service today!!